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Powerforce is providing its customers with real time insight into the activation of brand execution through SmartSpotter and the power of crowdsourcing.

SmartSpotter provides quick and efficient information about your brand’s presence through a real-time online platform, powered by a mobile workforce of Spotters across the UK.

Knowing how your brand is being presented is often a challenge.  SmartSpotter gives brands, manufacturers and outlets a direct, advantageous an efficient view of their brand execution and campaigns.  Through the SmartSpotter platform, Spotters act as the eyes and ears in the market for brands, retailer and outlets, with the solution delivering audits at up to 50% less cost than traditional mystery shopping approaches.

Through SmartSpotter, Powerforce can ensure that the placement, promotion and presentation of our products are executed as agreed, quickly and efficiently.

In 2017 SmartSpotter joined the Advantage Smollan group and is already active in several European countries and in Australia.  Every week, tens of thousands of active Spotters carry out assignments for more than 250 clients in the FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Body & Healthcare, Petrol, Events and On Trade space.

To understand how Powerforce and SmartSpotter can ensure the activation of your brands in retail, get in contact with our specialists:

Steve Belson – SBelson@uk.smartspotter.com

Jane Wood – JWood@powerforcegb.com