Powerforce | It can’t just be me and the Soup Dragon who loves a Soup Maker!

It can’t just be me and the Soup Dragon who loves a Soup Maker!

October 19, 2015

ClangersAs my Soup Maker whirred into action over the weekend I realised that it has quickly become the most used gadget in my kitchen, inspiring me to make healthy meals and use up left overs. I am particularly fond of it following my recent food intolerance diagnosis, which is forcing me to ‘eat clean’ and avoid the mass produced supermarket ‘ping ping’ meals I used to rely on.

I know I’m not alone. In the UK there are now over 2% of the adult population and 8% of under 3’s battling with some food intolerance or other.  It’s not a fad, it’s here to stay.  When you marry this with the inevitable post-Christmas guilt and the extra pounds which will have crept on our waistlines, I’m convinced there is going to be a larger than average move towards healthy eating in early 2016.

So with this in mind, it set me thinking about the forthcoming ‘healthy eating’ season in January/February, once everyone has ‘over done’ Christmas. As a consumer I would love to see more meal inspirations instore AND have the convenience of having all the ingredients in one place ready to throw into my soup maker or slow cooker when I fall through the door at some godforsaken hour, ready for that night, or the day after. We all lead busy lives so who wouldn’t?

With my “field marketing” hat on, I wonder whether suppliers have considered this seasonal opportunity to provide a portable solution for store activation, particularly in the convenience sector where consumers are on a “grab and go mission”. Will they be marketing the healthy eating, gluten free challenge to us Soup Maker devotees, I wonder…? If not, there’s still time to activate.

*And if you don’t remember the Clangers Soup Dragon, ask your parents!