Powerforce | Why the personal touch matters when independent retailers create their shopping lists

Why the personal touch matters when independent retailers create their shopping lists

September 23, 2014

If 64% of independent retailers use a shopping list, and 96% re-create these lists every time they visit a wholesaler, how will you ensure that your brand is on these lists this Christmas?

The insight from him!s Wholesale Research 2014 project provides some interesting perspectives.  The findings highlight a key aspect that field marketing agencies know and understand so well – that however unfashionable it may seem today in a sophisticated marketing environment, the personal touch will still win over your customers and be the most influential factor in the decision making process.

“Sales reps and leaflets remain the most influential of communications, in terms of getting retailers to shop off-list or to put items onto the list*”

We recognise that the success of our van sales activities in the independent retail sector is achieved through the face to face engagement with the decision makers. That’s why we recruit only experienced sales people for our flexible sales teams, with the skills to build relationships and influence buying decisions, typically achieving a sale for every 2.7 decision makers seen.

A typical sales campaign run by Powerforce in the independent retail trade involves:

  • Developing a specific call file to maximise appropriate sales opportunities, either nationwide or across a specific region.
  • Selling a deal into the identified independent retailers.
  • Siting POS in stores as part of the service.
  • The option to collect stock from nominated Cash & Carry depots and reconcile on a weekly basis, or effect a transfer order.

In the run up to Christmas, and with Bonfire Night, Halloween, Hannukkah, Diwali in between also presenting significant opportunities to capitalise on, it’s not too late to talk to us about how we can ensure that your Brands make the shopping list by tailoring a sales drive to suit your objectives.


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