Powerforce | Planning a New Product Launch in 2016?

Planning a New Product Launch in 2016?

September 28, 2015

When you turn your thoughts to planning your 2016 marketing strategy, don’t overlook investment in core activities such as sampling events as these generate significant sales uplift and give consumers a reason to re-evaluate their existing repertoire – all for free and at no risk to them.

Mintel’s July report reinforces how sampling remains a key influencer in encouraging customers to purchase new products with recommendation and discovery (via sampling) as key drivers of adoption. So if you are planning a new product launch in 2016 it is definitely worth considering allocating a percentage of your budget for sampling campaigns.

Sampling image

Equally for established brands, sampling presents a reliable way to increase sales. A persuasive face to face interaction cuts through the noise of instore promotions and encourages customers to revisit a brand they may have forgotten, often reigniting an overlooked passions or stimulating new ideas.

When it comes to finding a reliable partner for your sampling activity, Powerforce has all the right credentials, combining logistics, activation and digital to provide a one stop shop.

As a top 10 Agency, we run dynamic sampling teams who expertly connect with customers and influence purchasing behaviour through innovative events. These sampling teams can also support product visibility through seasonal merchandising, FSDU siting and merchandising, customer surveys and much more.

We are always happy to have a no-strings chat with new customers so please give us a call to discuss how a tailored programme could help your brand reach more customers in 2016.