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Persuasive attention

September 01, 2015

Mktg Society imageAs a member of the Marketing Society, I am often inspired by the great and good but this article by Phil Barden absolutely hits the nail on the head and certainly caught my attention.

Capturing the shopper’s attention is, afterall, what we are about.  Field sales teams, whether in short term bursts (tactical) or in long term campaigns (strategic)  are all about positioning our customer’s brands in front of the shopper, at the point of purchase, as are our dems and sampling teams.  We are all about influencing shoppers, many of whom still shop without a list or who are seeking inspiration for their meal that evening.

Sales objectives haven’t really varied in the 20 odd years that I’ve been involved in field marketing, but the way we use data, segmenting our callfiles, ordering stock and highlighting regional messages have.  Our talent pools are also now amongst the best in the industry, attracting graduates and experienced staff who recognise our commitment to unlocking potential and providing ongoing training to help them further their careers.

If you are new to field marketing or haven’t visited it for a while, try it, you will be amazed at the sophisticated way we now apply our expertise to your strategies. 

To read Phil’s article click on the link below.

Marketing Society : Persuasive attention – How attention influences purchasing decisions