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Increase your investment in retail marketing

June 09, 2015

MW Secret Marketer

The Secret Marketer hits the nail on the head by highlighting how the declining investment in retail marketing by the big players is simply pushing shoppers online.  But it’s not only window displays that attract or repel shoppers, it’s also the customer experience once they are in-store. Creative in-store theatre through promotions and demonstrations can help ensure customers dwell longer.  These activities provide energy, interruption and interaction to engage with customers to make a lasting impression, something that can’t be replicated online.

For this reason, forward thinking retailers and brands with a strong commitment to maintaining a traditional retail presence on the high street, value field marketing services. They recognise that professional, flexible field marketing teams who can merchandise, demonstrate and provide product training can make all the difference in holding the customer’s attention and are therefore well worth being budgeted for.

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