Powerforce | Every second at the UK checkout is worth £2m*

Every second at the UK checkout is worth £2m*

October 07, 2014

With the expansion of the internet e-commerce environment, now is the time to make the in-store experience better than it’s ever been before.

E-commerce has already engaged 80% of the UK population and whilst customers touch many channels in their integrated shopper missions, the in-store experience can offer the ultimate satisfaction.

Whilst the store of the future will offer ubiquitous convenience, experience and education, these events are already available and we are here to help.

Consumer Sampling & Demonstrations: In-store demonstrations and active selling activities play an important role in connecting with shoppers and helping to influence their purchasing behaviour, drive sales and build long-term loyalty, especially in the technology sector.  Our expertise in delivering engaging, interactive store experiences with wide customer appeal are highly effective in supporting sales growth across a broad range of categories.

Sales Teams: Christmas is a universally busy time for retailers as we are often called upon to support stores during key selling times.  We can supply experienced, passionate and motivated tactical sales staff to support manufacturers in stores or shopping malls.  Saturday “Challenge” days are commonplace and we often come out as the winners.

Mystery Shopping: Mystery Shopping activities provide an illuminating and powerful tool for businesses to evaluate and make informed decisions. Our highly trained and experienced team typically:  

  • Audit the shopper experience – from product availability, to service, to the shopping environment
  • Focus on an areas of business which isn’t performing to plan
  • Check on an area that has been heavily invested in
  • Monitor that staff training and communications are consistent and achieving results
  • Check in-store compliance against specific criteria e.g. planograms
  • Accurately record data which is then collated and reported by our analysts to ensure that your business has the data insight required to evaluate and implement effective strategies.

Magic – it’s the memory you are left with when you leave the store.

To find out about the Powerforce Magic contact Julia on 07824 622122

*Lucy Neville-Rolfe