Powerforce | We will wear as many tiaras as it takes…

We will wear as many tiaras as it takes…

September 07, 2015

Empowerment; as one of Powerforce’s core values we take every opportunity to encourage our employees and our teams to achieve in all that they do. This is not just true of business goals but of personal ones too.

A few months ago our Account Executive Mandi Khangura mentioned that she would like to raise some money for charity by taking part in Cancer Research’s Pretty Muddy 5k. She explained that it differed slightly from a normal race for life as obstacles would be included in the course. She asked if we would like to join her, of course we all jumped at the chance to train for something (thoughts of hours spent in the gym and eating avocado on toast before racing through the finish line with the Rocky theme tune playing immediately leapt into most of our heads). Unfortunately, as this was a Race for Life the men of the office were unable to take part and with it being holiday season a few of the Powerforce Princesses were not able to join us.

So five of us eagerly registered and started sharing our Just Giving page with colleagues, friends and family…and then the week of the race came. None of us had spent hours in the gym, none of us had eaten avocados on toast and the Eye of the Tiger was just a song on the radio. However, we are nothing if not determined! T-shirts were acquired, tiaras were bought and on Saturday morning we were there (along with our official Powerforce photographers) in the freezing cold excited and up for the challenge we were about to undertake. Reading the signs on peoples backs explaining why and who they were running for reminded us all why we were really there, to help those who are affected by the Big ‘C’. We knew the money we had raised was just a tiny portion of that needed by CRUK to fund the vital services they provide, however, we had raised it and now we would have to prove we were worth the sponsorship.

The five of us set out in immaculately clean white (what were we thinking?) t-shirts. CRUK made it clear from the beginning that we were going to get muddy. 50 yards into the race and we were jumping over inflatable pink tubes into pools of mud, cue immediate squelching in our trainers! Another 100 yards and it was the hurdles before reaching the 1K mark where we were still looking pretty pristine. Then came the mud tunnels that we had to crawl through before the muddiest obstacle was upon us. A large pool of mud covered with rope greeted us with the added bonus of volunteers sweeping mud towards you as you crawled through it, needless to say our t-shirts were no longer white and we couldn’t resist covering each other in muddy hand prints! As we continued along we had to fight our way through a rope maze, however, a bit of team work and we came out relatively unscathed and with our tiaras still intact. Tyre jumping was next before a wall of rope was to be clambered over (luckily one of us managed to overcome our fear of heights enough to make it down the other side after thinking she may well just sit at the top of it and cling on to the rope forever). The most challenging of all the obstacles was definitely the cargo ropes that we had to hold above our heads whilst crawling through yet more glorious mud. We almost lost one tiara during this challenge but it clung on long enough to make it out the other side. At this point we could see the finish line so with a final push we ran to the huge inflatable bouncy commando style slide, we climbed up in our line of 5 and slid down as the Powerforce Princess team where we were very happy to splash into the pool of mud that was waiting for us at the end.

The time we spent going around the course had been a great team building exercise for the five of us as we shared squelches, mud in the mouth, piggy backs and an all-round sense of high spiritedness and a great sense of achievement, raising money for this very worthwhile charity.

Despite being covered in mud and in serious need of a shower we all finished with smiles on our faces and a sense that we had achieved what we set out to do. We felt empowered, not just because we had finished the pretty muddy 5k and managed to raise money doing it, but because we had done it together.

The Powerforce Princesses:

  • Suzanne Leach
  • Sarah Baker
  • Mandi Khangura
  • Caroline Greenaway
  • Julia Collis


A big thank you to Jane Wood, James Wood, Pedro and Maya Greenaway and Daman and Amar Khangura for supporting us on the day and for being our official photographers!


So far we have raised £710. Sponsorship can be taken until 24th October so if you would like to donate please feel free to here: https://www.justgiving.com/teams/powerforceprincesses


Powerforce Princesses

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